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Welcome to online ordering

Our online shop features the widest range of products in Australia, from every day medical consumables (bandages, band aids, adult pads and diapers ...) to sophisticated medical equipment (hospital and age care beds, patient lifters, fetal vital signs monitors, macerators ...).

In order to navigate through such wast number of products we have created this area where you can create online orders by browsing through product categories ( Continence - incontinence, Nutritional Feeds, Catheters, Wound dressings, Syringes, Gloves...) within our catalogue. To get to the list of categories just click to Create orders from catalogue. To have a quick look what each category holds, just point to a category from the products menu on the left hand side of the page.

If browsing through product categories is to slow for you, use product search, (a box above shoping cart icon), to find products by name or by product code. In all searches you can use a part of the name or product code. Four or five characters will provide reasonable number of products to scroll through.

To limit search to certain product categiries use Adv. product search. Again a part of the name or product code, (four or five characters), will provide reasonable number of products.

Here you can track your orders, view the date of an order, who placed the order, estimated delivery date and other relevant order details.