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Over the past 30 years surgical House has grown to retail over 10,000 different product lines in WA, Australia and Worldwide. Our extensive range has made us a leader in the healthcare, aged care, hospital, clinical, incontinence - continence, nursing, surgical and medical supplies market and we continue to strive to meet our customers' needs, actively looking for new technology, superior quality and better value. We source our products from leading manufacturers across Australia and worldwide. Surgical House is a full WA healthcare service provider, catering for all needs across all product categories, these include but not limited to:

  • Incontinence - Continence Products and Accessories (Adult pads and diapers - pants: Prevail, Tena, Molicare, Lille, Depend, Poise, Buddies, Kylie, Connie. Accessories: Coloplast, Conveen, Simpla, Uriplan, Moveen, Urimaax, Rochester, Freedom, Hollister, Pop-On, UltraFlex ...)
  • Catheters (Unomedical, Pennine, Conveen, Simpla, Bardia, Biocath, Dover, Releen, Cliny ...)
  • Nutritional - Feed Supplements (Resource, Optifast, Impact, Arginaid, Plumocare, Ensure, Enlive, TwoCal, Prosure, Sustagen, Jevity, Enprocal, Fortisip, Guarcol, Easythick, Thickenup, Vivonex, Glucerna, Nepro, Calogen, Forticreme, Osmolote, Isosource, Fibresource ... )
  • Feeding Accessories and Tubes ( Mic-key, Compat, Flexiflo, Kangaroo, Bard, Decloggers, Flexitainer, Various Gastronomy - Gastric & Nasogastric Tubes ... )
  • Compression Stockings and Garments (TED, Sigvaris, Delilah, Traveno ...)
  • Dressings (Allevyn, Suprasorb, Curapor, Tegaderm, DuoDerm, Kaltostat, Biatain, Comfeel, Intrasite, Primapore, Opsite, Fixomull, Melolin, Melolite, Mefix, Mepitel, Mepilex ...)
  • Bandages and Tapes (Elastolite, Elastoplast, Easifix, Handygauze Cohesive, Coban, Micropore, Transpor, Omnipore, Tubigrip, Tubifast, Tubinette ...)
  • Casting and Padding (Velband, Soffban, Gipsan, Gypsona, Dynacast, Delta Lite ...)
  • Sutures and Other Skin Closure Products (Ethicon, Sharpoint, Nylon, Silk, Monocryl, Polypropylene, Vicryl, Histoacryl, Epi-glu, Steristrips, Staples ...)
  • Cleansing and Sterilising (Aqium Ego, Bactol, Microshield, Dermalux, Avagard, Viraclean, Florogen, Cavicide, Clinidet, Instrumax Pink, Medac, Medizyme, Sonidet, Pyroneg, Urosol, Milton, Speedy Clean, V-Wipes, Truwipes ...)
  • Gloves (Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile, Sterile gloves ...)
  • Vaccines (CSL, Sanofi Pasteur ...)
  • Pharmaceuticals (Antiseptics, Eye creams and solutions, Anaesthesia, Saline, Vaccines, Preg tests, Wound care, Aural, IV Fluids ...)
  • Diagnostic Test kits and Accessories (Accutrend, Accu-Chek, Coaguchek, Multistix, Combiscreen, Combur, Uristix ...)
  • Medical Furniture and Equipment (Examination couches, Beds, Trolleys, Lights, X-ray Viewers, Vaccine Fridges, Beds, Defibrillators ...)
  • Needles & Syringes (Terumo, Becton Dickinson ...)
  • Diagnostic Equipment (Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Dermatoscopes, Spirometers, Thermometers, ECG Machines, Pulse Oximeters, Dopplers, Laryngoscopes, Binocular Loupes, Vital Signs Monitors, Audiometers, Tympanometers ...)
  • Patient Care Equipment (Electric Beds and Mattresses, Bedside Commodes, Alternating Air Mattresses, Alternating Air Overlays, Wheelchairs, Air Chairs, Cozy Chairs, High Back Chairs, Over Toilet Frames, Patient Hoists and Lifters, Slings, Patient Trolleys, Slide Sheets, Crutches, Walking Frames ...)
  • Surgical Instruments (Scissors, Scalpels, Forceps, Needle holders, Vaginal Speculum ...)
  • Medical Equipment - GE

Surgical House provide a hire service for health care, medical and patient care equipment at very competative prices for Perth and WA. We can deliver, install and pick up. A wide range of equipment is available for Hire.

  • Electric Hospital Beds and Mattresses
  • Bed Rails
  • Grab Rails
  • IV Poles
  • Bedside Commodes
  • Alternating Air Mattresses
  • Alternating Air Overlays
  • Crutches and Walking Frames
  • Wheelchairs
  • Air Chairs
  • Cozy Chairs
  • High Back Chairs
  • Utility Seats
  • Leg Rests
  • Kangaroo Feed Pump
  • Over Toilet Frames
  • TENS Machines
  • Patient alert systems

Surgical House prides itself on our helpful and knowledgeable product specialists who are continuously on hand to assist you with any products queries or required information. As Surgical House supplies countless product lines we are unable to put them all online, so if there is an item that you cannot locate on our website please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will advise you if we supply that item. If we do not stock your required item we will endeavour to source it for you or recommend a suitable replacement.

Not comfortable shopping online or not sure that a product that is online is suitable for you ? No problems. Visit our retail shop in Perth, WA and buy your supplies over the counter with help of our knowledgeable shop assistances.