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Nutrition with Surgical House

We can supply all your nutritional products and feeding equipment at wholesale prices. Whether you require nutritional supplements, tube feeds, disease specific nutrition, or thickened feeds to assist with the management of dysphagia, we have you covered. We stock an extensive range from well known manufacturers, such as ABBOTT, NESTLE, FLAVOUR CREATIONS, NUTRICIA, NUTREAT, FRESUBIN AND TRISCO.

We stock all mayor brands:

Nutritional supplements: Sustagen, Resource, Arginaid, Enprocal, Ensure, TwoCal, Fortsip, Jevity, Nutrini, Pediasure, Easy Thick, Nutreat, Glucerna

Feeding equipment and consumables for the Kangaroo E Pump, Joey, Connect, Flocare Infinity, Flexiflo and Freego pumps.